Avon HMO Launches Telemedicine Platform

Avon medical telemedicine

Leading health maintenance organisation, Avon HMO has launched a telemedicine platform as part of its efforts to alleviate difficulties faced by Nigerians when accessing healthcare due to the impact of COVID-19 on virtually all aspects of public life.

Now, by simply dialling 0700-AVON-TELEDOC you can conveniently consult with doctors via your phone. With an extensive network of diagnostics centres and pharmacies across the country, Nigerians are assured of having access to diagnostics tests and/or medication within their immediate vicinity when prescribed after consultation. For those who require it, we have also concluded arrangements which make it possible for medication to be delivered to at their homes by our pharmacy partners.

This is yet another laudable move by company with a reputation for leveraging technology to solve the country’s healthcare challenges as Avon TeleDoc bridges yet another gap. Through Avon HMO’s new platform, Nigerians have one more option when it comes to accessing healthcare in this challenging period.


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