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As Africans, we see and feel the impact of climate change every day. As a business committed to improving lives and transforming Africa, we take pride in proactively creating value that will leave a lasting legacy, reshaping our communities, our environment and our planet with sustainability as one of the core values driving our businesses.

Our aim is to

Impact the lives of 1 million people across Africa by 2050.

Our Sustainabilty Approach

In executing our mission to improve lives and transform Africa, our sustainability approach is anchored in our responsibility towards future generations. We will continue to identify opportunities to implement best practices around our business operations, with a focus on solving the sustainability challenges of tomorrow.

Our economic, environmental and social strategic priorities focus on:

• Products and Services – how our businesses incorporate sustainability into all that we do

• People, Facilities and Infrastructure - how we operate ensures that our activities embed sustainability into our day-to-day practices

• Outreach and Education – how we demonstrate our responsibility by convening and working with all stakeholders, to deliver a shared ambition.

Target 1. Efficiency in residential and general waste collection

• Improve our operational efficiency in collection, transportation, processing, and disposal of waste by:

  • • Reducing materials going to landfill
  • • Increasing our diversion rate for recyclables, preparation for reuse or composting
Target 2. Turning by-products to raw materials

• Implement measures to promote resource diversion and stimulate environmental synergies within the Group

Target 1. Combating climate change and caring for the environment

• Reduce our water consumption and reduce any untreated discharge of liquid waste from our facilities

Target 2. Create inclusive employment opportunities

• Create direct and indirect inclusive employment opportunities for people

• Provide a working environment that promotes diversity, professional development, and safety

Target 1. Impact 100,000 lives by 2050

  • In alignment with SDGs 1, 4, 5 and 8, contribute to sustainable development in our host communities by including people at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BoP) in our value chain

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