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The Gospel Truth According to Tony Elumelu

Tony O. Elumelu CFR, at the 2023 Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Conference

Given enough time and the accumulation of wisdom, all roads of work and expertise can lead to mastery of life. Tony Elumelu, one of Africa’s brightest lords of industry and founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, recently made his will known regarding nation-building. Elumelu’s words, radiating deep understanding, add spice and sparkle to his doings in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) recently invited Elumelu over to its Annual General Conference. The members of the association, led by the president, Yakubu Maikyau, recognised in Elumelu a master of exercised potential. Thus, the association requested that Elumelu give a lecture at the conference, and he obliged.

Elumelu noted at the conference that Nigeria’s potential is vaster than the most meticulous minds can account for, particularly within the framework of the nation’s human and natural resources. It is on account of this that Nigeria shines brightly in all endeavours, raising questions on the global scene about our matchless uniqueness and talents.

However, Elumelu also admitted that Nigeria’s are running well below their abilities. He explained that many of the issues that remain as dark clouds over the nation are symptomatic components that mask an underlying problem. With widespread disillusionment and a mentality that promotes the prosperity of the individual over and above all else, it is no surprise that issues such as the mass exodus of gifted youths, oil theft, and pipeline destruction are prevalent.

Elumelu pounded soberness into the hearts of his listeners, pointing out the importance of deliberate nation-building. It takes time and requires sacrifices, he mentioned, but also requires a dedication to the nation’s components, from its people to its resources and the governance of these elements.

Even though Elumelu’s words were lightly spoken, they communicated a sense of seriousness. They also inspired a determination to change in the hearts of his hearers. Moreover, as Elumelu has and continues to demonstrate the validity of his words in his life, his words are enough to inspire true change.

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