I don’t take it lightly that an African like me had an opportunity…

I don’t take it lightly that an African like me had an opportunity to run for public office in the United States and ran all the way with it, becoming President”.
Everywhere I go across the continent, I tell youth that I speak to, to dare to dream but also to act to implement those dreams and stay focused. I can’t think of a worthier example than the outgoing President of the United States Barack Obama who has inspired the entire globe. I look over at the photos in my office and recall his warm receptiveness the first time we met at the announcement of the #PowerAfrica ‎initiative in Tanzania in 2013; and next at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya in 2015 where he recognised an alumni of the @tonyelumelufoundation, Shadi Sabeh, who also shared the stage with him that year. I am inspired by this President who shares my passion for Power as the bedrock for economic development in Africa and for entrepreneurship as the engine for growth in Africa.
As I listened to him speak with such glowing devotion and passion for his country, calling on all American citizens – the private and public sectors – to fortify their democracy and ensure that America retains its place on the global stage, I think about my own country and my own continent and about just how much work there is to do.
I reflect on the quote by Franz Fanon: “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it”, and note that this generation of Africans must make a difference
But we do not falter. With each of us in our place, playing our roles, this generation and continent will achieve its greatness. I have seen the determined faces of 2,000 Entrepreneurs from 54 countries across Africa, who have a burning passion to change this continent, one idea at a time and my burden is eased; even just a little bit. These are just the ones within the #TEF entrepreneurship programme but I am aware of at least 65,000 more within our network alone…
So, the message I’ve taken from this is “…If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes … show up, dive in, stay at it.”
Yes, this generation can and should transform Africa.
Thank you Barack Obama.
#BarackOut #obama


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