Leading Ivestment Company in Africa

The Art of Getting Things Done

This photo brings back fond memories as it captures the official handover of the Ughelli Power Plant to Transcorp Plc in 2013. In just four short years, we have exponentially increased generation from 160MW to 650MW, demonstrating the transformative power of the private sector. As Chairman of this remarkable Group, I am immensely proud of our dedicated team.

But most of all, our story illustrates ‘Execution’ – the art of getting things done. At the time of the takeover, from top to bottom, all employees embraced our purpose to light up Nigerian homes, schools and hospitals, support the industrialisation of Nigeria and ultimately power the economy. Today, we have grown to become the largest power generator, producing 13-18% of nationwide electricity consumption. But we won’t stop here. By 2020, our goal is to contribute 25% to national output.

Since my early days of being a young eager salesman, committed to surpassing targets, till present day, I have prioritised execution. Companies can buy ideas, but can neither duplicate nor purchase the art of doing. The difference between a great organisation and a mediocre one lies in execution. The difference between a great leader and a weak one is in how each executes. The difference between an effective team lead and an unsuccessful one is in the quality and totality of execution.
Ask yourself today: Are you quick and agile enough to smell opportunities? And when opportunities are identified, are you diligent and disciplined enough to execute them on time, within budget, and of top quality?


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