The Innovation Process

innovation process


At the Twitter Conversation held on Thursday, July 26, 2018, Heirs Holdings spoke on ‘The Innovation Process” with its I.T & Innovation Lead, Dare Medunoye. Below are a few quotes we found interesting:


  • The way humans work and live is changing. Every day, we hear of new technology and ideas springing up. Innovation is the only way to remain relevant in a fast-changing world.
  •  Has our educational system encouraged young people to innovate? Do the public and private sectors have a role to play in creating a conducive environment for innovation?
  •  As we know, Africapitalism is simply the idea of Africans developing Africa. But to do this, Africa and Africans must discover and adopt new ways of generating and distributing ideas.
  • Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Knowledge is increasing astronomically. To stay relevant, the focus can no longer be on what you studied, but on what you can do.
  • Africa has what it takes to compete on the global stage. But it is up to us to do the work of discovering solutions to human needs.