Here is what you can expect as you begin the journey to building a lasting career with Heirs Holdings.


Like a family, we take care of our own, with employee development programs to help you through life’s transitions. We value our relationships with our employees, and stay in touch with them even when they become Alumni – we see them as our investments to the greater society.


We recruit people who are committed to Africa’s development and believe in our shared values. We look for people who have a passion for success and we show consistent commitment towards the personal development of our. We want to see you grow just as the organisation is growing.  Consequently, we provide targeted training, coaching and mentoring for all our employees, designed with your input and according to your specific needs. We also provide invaluable exposure and experiential platforms, where you will be availed unparalleled opportunities to engage with intellectual and expand your skills. With our strong succession plan and career progression framework, you can be assured of growth opportunities with clearly defined eligibility criteria, as well as solid foundation to take on new responsibilities.

Reward and Recognition

We are a merit-based organisation, with a firm belief in giving honour to whom honour is due. We also believe in the total well-being of our employees, thus have a comprehensive and well-rounded compensation philosophy which covers this. Our baseline package is very competitive, including comprehensive family health plans from Avon HMO, life insurance and paid leave, as well as market-sensitive salaries. Beyond that we recognise exceptional performance through a combination of hard and soft reward packages.


We operate a flat organisation, which allows flexibility in decision making and creativity. In all we do, we are guided by our HEIRS core values and strong belief that everyone has something to offer. We operate a culture that encourages everyone to think creatively and offer innovations that can move our company forward and, by extension, our nation and continent. Collectively, we are responsible for living our corporate values and ethics, being the bedrock of our organisation.


Heirs Holdings has an ambitious mandate: to change the way business is done in Africa. This is a challenging but enriching journey, and one that we are happy you will be a part of. As you push your boundaries of learning and achievement, remember that you are working toward a clearly defined goal and feel the deeply satisfying and enriching reward that comes with that.