Happy 30th Anniversary, Transcorp Hilton

12th July 2017

All of us at HH Group embarked on a mission to build a legacy; a legacy of achievement in Africa, business success and of implementing our own vision of Africapitalism.

Our Group already holds, within its portfolio, businesses and brands that resonate and have endured the test of time. UBA, for example, was founded in 1949. Today, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, the flagship of HH’s hospitality interests. These are institutions that are built to last and will be joined by the sister businesses that we are currently nurturing.

As part of the celebration of the Transcorp Hilton’s anniversary, we are publishing a commemorative book, recounting the hotel’s journey and the role it has played in our nation’s history. I was privileged to write the forward to the book, which I now share with you:



Abuja is the heart of Nigeria and the Transcorp Hilton is at the heart of Abuja. Our hotel is an icon at the centre of our nation. When Nigeria meets, we meet at the Transcorp Hilton, and when Nigeria welcomes the world, it all starts with the Transcorp Hilton.Opened in 1987, our first role was to host the inaugural ECOWAS summit, witnessing a key step forward in the economic integration of four regions. In 2003, we accommodated 54 Heads of State and delegations during the first Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting hosted by the Federal Government of Nigeria. In 2014, our facilities welcomed world leaders to the World Economic Forum on Africa, as we provided the forum for Africa to engage with the world.

I have my own very fond personal memories of the hotel. As a young bank branch manager from Port Harcourt, I remember my excitement on vising our new federal capital. Staying at the Hilton, with its luxurious facilities and position as the place to meet, do business and enjoy, its bars and fine dining, was an illustration of what I knew Nigeria and Africa could achieve. I have always been driven by a vision of showcasing African excellence to the world and the Transcorp Hilton, is just one way I have found of achieving this.

Today, as I travel across the world, I am always meeting people who have stayed at the Transcorp Hilton. I am very conscious of our role as an important public face of Nigeria. That is why, I am so proud of the transformation we have been implementing. The Transcorp Hilton is a key asset in the Heirs Holdings portfolio and that is why we are committing a $100million of investment, creating all new world-class interiors in the suites and lobby spaces, ultramodern sporting and business facilities, a beauty and wellness spa and an event space for 5,000 seated guests.

Let me take this opportunity to thank so many people; those whose vision created a world class five star hotel in our nation’s capital, our over 1,200 staff, with their relentless commitment to customer service, our shareholders, who have subscribed to our vision, our brand partners at Hilton and most importantly our guests. We want to surpass our very demanding guests’ expectations. We know, we are only as good as the service we deliver and the experience our clients take away, when they leave. Our hotel has become a home to many over its thirty years of existence. My hope is that it will outlast us all and stand as an icon for many years to come.

To the teams that have made it all happen – Olorogun Emerhor, Val, Okaima, Etienne and everyone that works with you, you have done well and may you continue to delight our guests, as we host the world and display Nigeria’s and Heirs Holdings’ commitment to excellence.

And while we celebrate 30 years of excellence at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja today, we are not standing still!

We are committed to spreading our quality hospitality experience across Nigeria. Residents and travellers to Lagos and Port Harcourt will soon benefit from the hospitality of Transcorp Hilton Hotels in those great cities.

Join me in congratulating our colleagues at Transcorp Hilton.

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